`Our experiences through life have shaped us to who we are today.

This is the springboard to grow into bigger and better people. You’re not going to learn more until you push yourself out of your comfort zone. In Yale I was surrounded by high academia at a young age. At the time, I was coming from a small pond and didn’t have that worldly experience. I felt inadequate and nowhere near other achievers. Because of the twist and turns in my life, my social skills are very good. They weren’t helping me academically, however, it helped me become a critical thinker. Yale helped me learn how to analyze and assess as deeply as you can. Then how to best move forward and communicate that information. Once I left Yale I was able to apply more of my social skills. Putting that together with the challenging academics proved to me that I’m that much more skillful than I thought. It empowered me to become an overachiever.
When you attempt problems beyond your capacity and fail, that failure actually improves your learning. When you attempt it again you’re going to be that much stronger. True failure is only when you give up and don’t get back up. Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.


Inner Peace Allows You to Be Authentic

The closer we get to inner peace our authenticity becomes unlocked. Our inspiration and creativity comes to the forefront. We get freed from the fears standing in our way. We’re so tuned into our inner voice, which is only true to us. You need to listen to that voice. If we’re not practicing inner peace we’re not going to feel secure enough to be authentic. Someday our world could have world peace. Once we reach a tipping point as people where we can be brave and grateful for life. It only takes one person to make a change that could effect the world.
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