We all have faced times in our lives where we’ve had people be unkind to us.

Not only us as adults but our children are going to face these times as well. Being aware that no matter our imperfections, we can always learn from a situation. Learn how to handle something with more grace or more skillfully. All of this knowledge I’ve acquired has influenced my parenting. A mantra I taught them was that being rude or unkind is not a cool thing to do. Our relationships are based on trust.
If we act out on negative emotions we undermine the strength of our relationships. When you feel yourself getting triggered, use it as an opportunity. Own the opportunity to grow instead of distancing yourself from it. The next step is to determine how we handle it. What do we do next with that energy?
In the fifth grade I had a moment where I could’ve handled a situation differently. It was the end of the year party and there was a big thing where the party was going to be at my house. This was instead of it being at my friends house. I noticed her feelings hurt and let her know what was going on. In turn I broke the confidence of my other friends by telling her the it. The upset from my other friends turned into them being very cruel and hurtful. I didn’t have the awareness then that I have now to recognize I could have done things better. The more mindful you are the more of a buffer you have between how you would have reacted and how you chose to react.


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