Having ownership and accountability is important. When something goes wrong we need to own it and not blame it on other people. Even if it seems out of your control, the skill to be aware and hold yourself accountable gives you the opportunity to continue to learn. By blaming others we’re giving our power away.
The fight or flight reflex hits us so fast. It’s our primal instinct that has to be fast and extra sensitive. Understanding what is happening when we feel this feeling and getting out of the lower part of your brain and into the higher part will give you a much higher ability on how to handle it. To remember that in the moment and move out of that feeling will help you see what is really going on. You start to know which thoughts are of service to you. Then you don’t waste attention on the thoughts that are not of service to you.
Always be open to how you can grow and be better. There will always be dark moments with the beautiful moments. It’s that flow of challenges and triumphs that is so beautiful. Lean into the discomfort. If you’re not taking risks you’re not going to grow and build something that is visionary and yours. It’s hard to be aware of it and what we’re paying attention to. Get support from the people around you. Whether it be your network or community really helps in moments when you’re struggling or feeling uncomfortable.

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