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If we keep practicing on our inner strength we will see immense progress.


In the moment when we’re getting tossed around in life we get scared, lost, and reactive. We don’t make the wisest moves when we’re in this type of mindset. Inner peace gives you infinite creativity and inspiration. Inner strength is the same as a muscle. The more you work on it the stronger it becomes.
Compassion is a fundamental part of life. We need to care about each other. If we’re not practicing this we’re in for trouble. It can be difficult to care when someone is being really toxic and destructive. To have to care about their suffering and experience goes against what most of our brains want to do. Now staying in a place of compassion gives us a lot of power. In order to listen and hear what is happening you need to care. If we don’t have that respect to start out with then our ears aren’t open.

As each of us build our inner strength we enable ourselves to have trust and respect with ourselves.


All of us struggle moment to moment with trusting and respecting ourselves. There’s so much going on in our lives that we have to juggle. It’s the moment we stop trusting ourselves that we get out of alignment. We become reactive to the outside world because we’re not grounded. It impacts our relationships and everything that we do. Once we have trust and respect with ourselves, we can have trust and respect with others. The more we get ourselves in alignment the more we have to give to our relationships. We can begin to build a foundation of trust and respect in our relationships. Our families in turn will have more peace and security.

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