Life is a Flow

Love the process. We experience each moment as a singularity and our brain does it’s best to piece it all together to make sense of it all.

However that perception and story creation with cause and effect will always be a limited illusion with infinite causes and infinite effects that our brain can never fully make sense of. With so many outcomes and possibilities it’s almost impossible to always get it right. We can go over every scenario in our head multiple times and we could still come up short. So what is the best we can do?

Flow with it and be in the moment. Fall in love with the process itself. Loving the process is the closest will we have to perfection. Don’t get caught up in the failures or what if scenarios. Feel our way through the art of living our best life. Feeling how good it feels to love, to learn, to laugh, to create, to serve, to inspire.  Follow the bliss of that feeling and you will find yourself on the path to peace. Be mindful of when yourself. If you find that you are straying from your path re-align yourself. Find your center and be aware of your feelings. It is that process that is the closest we will ever get to perfection.

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