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A Book Fell Off A Shelf and Changed My Path

How A Little Thing Changed My Path There's so many things that can happen in our lives that spark change. It can be the smallest thing. Something so little once happened to me. I was in a bookstore when a book fell off the shelf and landed at my feet. This was the...


Make Progress To Find Your True Inner Strength

Practice makes progress.   Your skills develop over time with constant focus and attention. You're going to have difficult challenges and hard to accept failures. Move past those barriers. Don't give up. Keep focusing on making progress and learning from those...


The Key to Inner Peace

Do you feel peaceful day to day? Or do you feel out of control and unaware in life? Having inner peace is something we hear a lot about. How important is it? Why is it important?   Achieving Inner Peace   Most of us want to find our inner peace but are...


Be Present and More Effective in Everything You Do

Journey to Being Present A year and a half ago I had a spiritual awakening. I realized that I wasn't in touch with my own creativity. I had a very big shift during this time. As a result, I wrote my book Find More Strength: 5 Pillars to Unlock Unlimited Power and...


Your Stress Isn’t Going Anywhere

  The Stress of “Not Being Good Enough” The power of having inner strength has unlocked what I know to be my life mission. I’m someone who’s been a limitless achiever since I was young. I was always putting too much on my shoulders and faced challenges head on. I...

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Awareness and Respect for Yourself [Audio]

Have Awareness of Opportunities That Will Make You Happier Ask yourself what you need to learn, what you need to do to become more skillful. All to have more joy in your personal and professional life. For me it was the awareness that things could be better. Most...



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Have Ownership and Accountability

Having ownership and accountability is important. When something goes wrong we need to own it and not blame it on other people. Even if it seems out of your control, the skill to be aware and hold yourself accountable gives you the opportunity to continue to learn. By...

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Respect Your Fear

With being an entrepreneur comes risks. The thing is, there's no risks without fear. You need to take risks in order to grow and be successful. We know that there's no avoiding fear. However we can ask ourselves, how can we face it and move forward? The answer is...

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Prioritize Self Care

At some point if you're not caring for yourself, your ability to lead and be creative will be compromised. Many people very focused on outward achievement. They're wiling to sacrifice self care because they feel like they can or have to. Prioritize self care. Tell...

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