At some point if you’re not caring for yourself, your ability to lead and be creative will be compromised.

Many people very focused on outward achievement. They’re wiling to sacrifice self care because they feel like they can or have to. Prioritize self care. Tell yourself that if you don’t prioritize your workout or good sleep, everything else will not be as good as it would be. What’s going on within yourself will catch up with you eventually. We can have ignorance towards personal development so we don’t look at ourselves as a machine that needs proper nutrients. Similar to not taking care of a car and having it break down. You can get a new car but you can’t get a new body.
The answer is so simple but because of the simplicity, we don’t feel it’s achievable. We need to overcome survival mode because most of it the problems we have right now are not in the forefront of our life. We want to ask ourselves lots of questions when we’re in the fight or flight mode. We need to get out of that and get into a higher cognitive state. This will get us to being skillful in the face of fear. Practice all the time, don’t wait until you need it. It’s easy to practice when everything is going well but not so much when it’s the opposite. Have faith that you’re going to grow and make progress. Be open to growth and believe in yourself. The more you practice the better your skills become. We close down to the possibility of growth and healing and we cannot allow that to happen. We need to keep some openness towards practicing to get stronger.
We need to come to the fact that we’re not here for very long on this earth. External factors don’t matter in the end. If you’re helping other people and being of service to other people everything will blossoms to where you want it to be. Focus inward and the external factors will come.

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