With being an entrepreneur comes risks. The thing is, there’s no risks without fear.

You need to take risks in order to grow and be successful. We know that there’s no avoiding fear. However we can ask ourselves, how can we face it and move forward? The answer is through courage. Allow yourself to have courage instead of fighting it. Keep your spirits high and have resiliency. When you’re knocked down don’t stay down. Brush yourself off, get up, and stay up.
Remember the the pillars. They are skills you get from continuous practice. When faced with fear, recognize we can be skillful in navigating our fear. Respect your fear instead of actually fearing it. We need to listen to our fear, it’s still an important warning that you need to watch. As long as there’s not a physical imminent threat, we want to get as close as possible. Get as much information as possible from our fear. Start to ask yourself what the worse case scenario can be and how you can handle it. Be skillful and don’t let your brain come up with false scenarios. You’ll find that most of the things you’re afraid of doesn’t even make sense! It’s a small percentage that what you’re afraid of can even happen. If we start really evaluating our lives and looking back on how often we’ve navigated correctly, we’d feel much more confident. This is where your courage will come from. You will grow and you will make strides if you take baby steps towards it.
Honing your skills can be very tricky. Keep practicing the pillars and you will begin to see immediate progress internally and externally.
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