The Stress of “Not Being Good Enough”

The power of having inner strength has unlocked what I know to be my life mission. I’m someone who’s been a limitless achiever since I was young. I was always putting too much on my shoulders and faced challenges head on. I was able to grow fast and be a point person on an IPO at the age of 24. My stress was worn like a badge of honor. I hadn’t yet come to the mindset shift that this was dysfunctional.
There’s a core belief that we must be at a certain level or we’re not good enough. When we’re on our deathbed we won’t be thinking about the external values. We’ll be thinking about our internal relationship with our self and our family. As human beings our mind will always be comparing us with others. We need to focus on the positive that we’re doing and celebrate our achievements.


Re-frame Your Mindset

Stress isn’t going anywhere. External problems or situations are not the cause of our stress. What causes the stress is how our mind relates to it. It’s mastery over our mindset that shifts it from being stressed to being confident. Life will never be easy, and we don’t want it to be. We want challenges in our life, so we can continue to level up and strive for greatness.
Strike the word stress from your dictionary. It’ll be tricky, but you can use your skills to handle it as gracefully as possible. This is all about practice, you need to re-frame your mindset.


Reduce Stress in Your Personal and External Relationships

Emotional vulnerability with people is powerful. How you handle situations is very important. It takes a lot of strength and courage to handle situations with skillfulness. When you’re dealing with others trust and respect is important. They are the foundation of our relationships with each other. If you need to have a tough conversation, it’s important to have it and not procrastinate. Show respect to the other person and face the fear of what could come from it.
Focus on your relationship with yourself. Practice being mindful and increase your skill. You need to pay attention to how you’re treating yourself. This is the first step to being aware. Pay attention to your inner dialogue.

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