It’s common to struggle with mindfulness and having awareness of what you’re paying attention to.

When we’re on auto-pilot, we’re not aware when we’re in a place of fear or not being grateful. Practicing mindfulness is integral. If you’re not practicing it you won’t be aware of how you’re feeling. Practice is important to reaching the happiness you seek. Practice being curious about your inner self instead of being fearful. There’s so many different ways to practice mindfulness including meditation.
When we’re born we’re wired towards an external focus. Society is also built that way. Our society these days is very external and that’s how we’re taught to flourish. We can find happiness within us but we’re not taught to look inward. There’s an infinite amount of space in there but that’s not where were wired to look. Learning to look inside ourselves gives us an openness where we don’t feel so much pressure and trapped. There’s a fear of the unknown when we look inside ourselves. Our brain is wired to fear the unknown. This puts up barriers towards looking inward instead of being curious. When you become more aware of your internal flow, it’s hard to avoid the things we need to change. This creates friction and an inner conflict when you try to fight it. That pain and resistance is preventing us from reaching a higher purpose. Logic is based on experience.
It doesn’t feel good to be wrong but it’s so powerful because then you’ve learnt something. It’s important to be compassionate towards these instances, within yourself. Have self-care and self-compassion. Treat yourself with the foundation behavior to make yourself happy. We’re so hard on ourselves when we experience failure. Be easy on yourself while holding yourself to high standards. We’re going to have imperfections because it helps make us grow. Embrace every challenge like it’s a new opportunity.

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