Whatever nature throws at you we all still need to pull through.

This is my foundation that’s helped me navigate through many challenges in my life. It has helped me gain my inner strength. Our society unfortunately can promote and glamorize dysfunctional behavior. This makes it easier to fall into and distract ourselves. Instead of moving towards the healthy ways of being stronger. In some ways we all have limiting beliefs that we are not good enough or not safe. There’s a part of us that wants to manifest that and believe it’s true. We may not even be aware we’re carrying this around. Subconsciously, if we believe this we can end up self-sabotaging. There’s nothing more important than what we choose to believe is true. We need to find out what we believe is true. This is done through working on a subconscious level. Once you know what you believe to be true, refuse to believe anything not of service. It’s not true that we can’t do something. We can do anything. We may need help from others but believing that nothing is impossible is huge. If we think on some level that we can’t, we will make it so. It’s important to shift from the desires that way us down. The concept that this isn’t good enough and we need more. That the present moment isn’t good enough. Its an unhealthy and untrue assessment that weighs us down. When you’re angry at someone it’s like holding a hot coal in our hand. It hurts you but it doesn’t hurt them. It’s hard to get past this when you feel the act was malicious. Think of the situation in a positive way. Be open and curious to why they may be acting this way towards you. Find compassion and steer clear of being judgmental. When people act a certain way it’s because of something that has happened in their lives. People are as kind and dysfunctional as they’re able to be.


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