Life is a tapestry of big beautiful things. But it does come along with dark beautiful things.

There’s not only beauty and pain in the sunshine but in the darkness too. No one is perfect. This is one of the most important things to be mindful and aware of in a relationship. We all know this but we don’t integrate it into our lives. Remember that your partner isn’t perfect and neither are you. There’s constant opportunities where you’re partner will trigger you and do something imperfectly. Maybe they wont be as sensitive or awesome as you’d love them to be at that moment. Each one of these instances are opportunities to look within ourselves and find out why we feel that way. Own your feelings and look at them as an opportunity for our own growth. If we’re blaming anyone else for how we’re feeling we put pressure on them to do something they can’t do. No one can make you feel happiness, it comes from within. Operate from a place of trust and respect for each other. Even if the feelings make no sense.
Our brains are wired to remember the negative. If we’re not mindfully refocusing on what our partner is doing right and our commitment to the relationship, we’re in trouble. If you let yourself focus on the negative, you’re planting toxic seeds into the relationship. Instead bring your focus into what they’re doing right and your commitment to the relationship. No matter what the conflict is. There are forces of life that are bigger than us. It’s really hard to trust them but it’s vital towards tapping into our power and happiness. If you do trust and believe you are entitled to feel these forces that’s when it becomes magical. Opportunities and endless possibilities begin to unfold in your life.
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