Do you believe in higher consciousness?

Imagine you had a microscope and a telescope. Tools with which you could empirically see what was going on in reality. To see how things are mind blowing-ly different from our perception. Like being able to see the human body as the 3 trillion cell metropolis it is. All completely in sync, but if it gets out of sync, we have disease. I mean, really, whoa.

But if we are so sure things are exactly how we think they are, and we aren’t open to the possibility of more, we will miss the power of it all.

This is another way of talking about Growth Mindset. Carol Dweck has spent over 30 years studying mindset. She coined the terms “Fixed Mindset” and “Growth Mindset”. Both to describe the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence. She found that believing we can always learn more and get smarter (having a Growth Mindset”) leads to understanding that EFFORT in this area is worthwhile. It has a huge impact on achievement. We won’t make the effort if we have no proof it will make a difference.

So, here’s the question: what do you believe? Do you believe in higher perspectives on life? Do you believe in higher consciousness giving you a clearer view? A view to see how much more is connected than you can currently see? Are you open to the possibility that the life view you are currently using to make sense of your choices may not be so accurate? And that is why you aren’t having the best results? What do you want of life? If you want to be successful but you’re currently stuck in some way, how about being open to this idea. That being able to see things from a higher perspective might give you the path to achieve everything that you can dream and more. Or, the idea that a higher perspective will make it easier each day to get from point A to point B.

Image you are in one of those hedge mazes. You can’t see where each path leads, nor how to get to that beautiful center goal. You’re running back and forth, trying everything to get to the spot you are dreaming of, but you can’t seem to find it. Or, you find it, but it took so much work and now you have another spot to find. Now imagine instead you were able to fly up above like a drone and able to see the big picture of the maze, and use that big picture to navigate easily to any spot you want…

That is like having access to higher consciousness.

You have a clarity around being able to make things happen, get where you want to go, and have it be as easy as possible.

Back to our bodies

Our bodies and all the cells in it have access to a higher consciousness. Rules/instructions on how to behave. This provides the ability to stay in sync. If they lose connection to that higher consciousness then they fall out of sync and we get disease.

Look at humanity right now, we are a species that is killing our self. We are out of sync with each other, with our planet and with all life. This isn’t sustainable… and tapping into a higher consciousness is the key. It is from there that we can again see how everything is connected, that there really is enough for all of life to be in harmony, and what we need to do to be back in sync with that infinite power… power to be used for infinite evolution of beauty.

So, what do you believe is possible?

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