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If you are serious about change, and want to work 1-1, I offer an extremely limited number of VIP Intensive Experience packages… the most effective way to experience the shift you are seeking in your life.

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For most of us, an hour doesn’t even scratch the surface for what we need to address in our lives… that is why I offer my Intensive Transformation Experience: a full day together to evaluate all aspects of your holistic mind, body and spirit health, and to create actionable shifts along with customized tool kits to keep you on track going forward PLUS real time access to mentoring for the next three months.

In our initial strategy session we will discuss the overall goals and pain points to allow a customized, actionable plan.   Everything from your relationship with yourself and self care (including fitness and nutrition), personal and professional relationships (including parenting) and career aspirations will be on the table.  This will be a supportive, non-judgmental deep dive into all aspects of your life and you need to be open to facing your fears and pain in our work together.  

Part One: Intensive Transformation Day

We start with a 30 minute strategy session (phone or skype) to plan our day

We meet at 9am in NYC, either at the park or in a private space, to start our work together.  Depending on the plan, this can involve yoga, meditation, fitness, nutrition and/or spiritual strength mentoring.  (this can also be done virtually via Zoom)

I treat you to a healthy lunch while we continue to dig deep into the areas that are blocking your power and happiness.

After lunch we continue our work together, reviewing the customized toolkits that you will keep after our intensive session, how to use them and clarifying the mindsets and practices you will be continuing.

At the end of the day you leave with customized toolkits to put the practices into action. These can include nutrition and meal plans, fitness and exercise plans and mindfulness/meditation plans, and will ALWAYS include customized self awareness, relationship and communication toolkits.  These are the fundamental building blocks that will allow a healthy foundation for all that you do going forward.   

Part Two: Continued Mentoring

After the Day of Transformation, it is time to start practicing what you have learned.  You are working to rewire your brain and do things differently than you have in the past, and that will be HARD.  It will require you getting out of your comfort zone, facing fears, trying new skills that you aren’t good at yet.  That is why having continued access to mentoring is so important, and equally important is having access IN THE MOMENT to get support to make the change and get help exactly when it isn’t clear what the best action is or when it is feeling hard to do it.  In the moment we have the opportunity to do things differently instead of repeating how we used to do it, which is how we rewire our brain.  It’s action time!

FOR THE NEXT THREE MONTHS you continue to have access to me on an as needed basis for touch bases (20 min or less texts/calls/emails)* as well as 3 monthly 60 min check-in sessions.

3 months of support to solidify your new skills and make them habits! 

*Fine Print: Touchbases should not be longer than 20 minutes and not more than 60 minutes total per week. If more are needed we will need to discuss setting up additional paid sessions.  I will always be as available as possible but there will be times when I am not available, in which case I will get back to you as soon as possible.  From 10pm to 7am I am generally unavailable.

Ready to make change happen?

The VIP Intensive Transformation Experience is $5999 for the full day of intensive mentoring plus three months of continued support.

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