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More smiles and snuggles, less losing your cool.

Parenting can be crazy hard, but we want to make sure we are being the best we can be for our kids.  And each time we lose it, we get a sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach that we are letting them down somehow… 

Peace Power Parenting helps stressed parents turn the messy day-to-day challenges into positive, teachable moments so they can have more smiles and snuggles and know their kid is going to turn out just fine.

Let me be clear: I am in no way, shape or form a perfect parent! In fact, it is my messiness and failures that led me to all of these insights and tools… and I’m still practicing all of the skills and insights I share in this program, as I go.  The awesome thing is, regardless of whether we knock it out of the park on that first try or if we have an imperfect moment, we always have the opportunity to handle the next moment skillfully, with grace… and every mistake we make is an opportunity to show our kids how to handle mistakes, something they will certainly have plenty of opportunities to navigate themselves… so it really is all good, all beautiful.  Each moment is a moment to love, a moment to be grateful for, a moment to cherish, even the messy ones.



Peace Power Parenting consists of four weekly modules that are delivered online via a private membership site — you can watch the videos whenever is convenient for you and on any device that is connected to the internet.
You get six weeks of group mentoring — there are three weekly group mentoring calls that you are welcome to attend any or all of:  Sunday at 4pm EST; Tuesday at 9pm EST or Thursday at 11am EST
These calls are always recorded and shared with the group, so you can watch any or all of them afterwards, as many times as you want.
You have access to our private facebook community where we can share our wins and our struggles, supporting each other on this up and down journey of being the best parent that we can be.   Live additional video training and live Q&As will be shared in this group as well, adding extra support each step of the way of the program.

"This is GENIUS."

"I had such a huge win yesterday, it was just like you said!"

"Peace Power Parenting is an amazing opportunity to grow as a person, not only for yourself but for your family and children as well. It teaches so many valuable lessons that can help in every relationship while empowering you and teaching you how to love and take care of yourself at the same time."


"Girl, you give so much information"

"I have really found that opening my heart and allowing them space makes them feel more empowered to come to their own realizations about their behavior."

"Pam is an incredible inspiration. She has so much knowledge to share and it is all so amazing...she teaches it from a true place of love and gratitude and it shows in everything she does. I am so grateful not only to have her as my coach in this class but to have her in my life as a friend and inspiration."

"Learning how to come at things from a more calm, centered place...with real love and compassion, and the difference that can make... is amazing!"

"Everyone is so much calmer in our house. No more yelling...well most days!"

Once you join Peace Power Parenting, you have access to the program for life!

Which means you can continue to access the videos, participate in the weekly group mentoring calls (when the program is live) and access the private facebook community — the end goal of Peace Power Parenting is to have you look back, when your child is an adult, and be so full of pride and joy at who they are and how they are showing up in the world to make the world a better place, that you are filled with gratitude, peace, love and wonder at how you could’ve participated in the creation of such a person… that day is awhile off, and each moment until then will bring opportunities for us to be practicing what you learn in Peace Power Parenting, so I am committed to being that support for the long haul.
Peace Power Parenting is applicable to parents with kids of all ages — even people planning on becoming parents!  In the group mentoring calls we will go into more age-specific challenges and how to apply the principles to that particular age, but the main videos truly are applicable at any age… and it is as much about how you are going to grow more healthy and empowered as it is about how much you are going to support this in your children. Truly, kids do as well as their parents, so we need to ready to look in the mirror.
You know you want to be the best parent you can be for your child.  You know you want to stop feeling so frustrated, overwhelmed and stress.  You know you don’t want to yell.  You know you want more love, joy, and peace in your family each moment.  You just wish you knew how.
Peace Power Parenting is the solution you have been hoping for.  A way to KNOW you are being the best parent possible for your kids and a way to LOVE doing it.




About Pam: It's been messy, and that is a good thing.


      Formerly proud to be “Type-A” outwardly powerful overachiever, rusher, pusher, definitely reckless at times, fitness and nutrition fanatic, intellectual, mom community organizer, business leader… turned spiritually awake, equally inwardly powerful, calm, clear, happy AF, equally strong as hell in mind, body and spirit, and yet still somewhat disorganized with dates and horrible at pronouncing names.

      My journey includes a lot of darkness, being lost, making huge mistakes, being in deep pain, being 10 pants sizes bigger, wishing I could just run away or die, balanced by even more joy, crazy fun adventures, ridiculous blessings, brilliant learning and a ton of hard work.

Specific highlights:  Yale Microbiology and Biochemistry turned Poli Sci grad, point person on an IPO at the age of 24, right hand to fashion designer Josie Natori, co-founder of West Village Parents, founder of Fulfill Fitness as a personal trainer, nutrition specialist and yoga teacher, President of The Beacon Program, a behavioral therapy based food and weight center, best-selling author of Find More Strength, and now founder of Hackd Fitness, the first NYC biohacking fitness studio… I’m not a big fan of sitting around and waiting for life to happen, I am all about finding solutions and exceeding expectations… Peace Power Parenting is no exception.



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