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Staying positive doesn’t have to be difficult.


There’s little things we can do in our lives to keep positive. It’s completely trans-formative to show compassion. Doing for others starts the flow. We have the opportunity to take action. Sometimes you’re going to have a day where you’re not feeling great. With that there’s a multitude of ways we can take action. Smiling and random acts of kindness will naturally override what is going on within you.
Sleep is so important. When our body is telling us we need to rest, we need to listen. Sometimes we get caught up in the fear of losing an idea or losing momentum. We don’t realize that letting our body rest, could bring the next big idea tomorrow. There is importance to trusting ourselves and life. Trusting that the flow will be there. The sun always rises and ideas will always be there. It’s fear that blocks our courage and prevents us to be all we can be.
Being open and curious also helps. When I wanted to write a book that came from me being open and curious. I took time to find clarity and focused on writing my book. Despite not knowing how to write a book, I wrote the book in 2 weeks. Had I stayed stuck in the typical rules of how things happen and listening to my mind, I wouldn’t have been open to that.

These are super easy to practice if we remember to do it.


I used to joke that I wanted to get temporary tattoos to remember to practice. I found it helpful to go through big pieces of jewelry that were annoying. I would switch it up and get a different piece of jewelry and it helped me to remember to be mindful. Also to check in with myself to see how I was feeling. Some of us go on auto pilot not realizing how we’re feeling and portraying ourselves to the world.

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