Practice makes progress.

Your skills develop over time with constant focus and attention. You’re going to have difficult challenges and hard to accept failures. Move past those barriers. Don’t give up. Keep focusing on making progress and learning from those challenges and failures. In my book Find More Strength, I outline 5 areas to focus on that will help you be stronger. Show gratitude, compassion, courage, openness, and curiosity. While these may be difficult tasks to do, it will be beneficial 
Becoming more skillful means you need to step out of your comfort zone. This is a difficult task for most people but is essential in any type of progress. Stay warm, gentle, and aware as you move out of your comfort zone. This may mean you have feelings towards money scarcity or fear of rejection while on your journey. Focus on getting over this mindset. There is enough money out there for you and it will come. Embrace rejection as it comes. Let it inspire you to learn from your rejection and continue your progress.  All the other fears you have will be faced and you’ll have the strength to get through it. 


Practice inner awareness and be connected with yourself. Be aware of what and how you’re feeling. Once you begin to feel yourself getting negative, tune in and be aware of that. Accept, embrace, and love the feeling. Once you have that awareness you can begin to work on the areas you need to continue your progress.


Listen now as I share how to find your true inner strength:

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